If you feel your life’s calling is to lead others and to integrate your faith into your career path, Colorado Christian University often posts blogs related to how to be a Christian leader in the workplace. Faced with so many challenges and difficult decisions each and every day, Christian leaders are a unique breed and require a strong belief in their faith and confidence in their ability to lead others while serving as a role model for Christian beliefs and behavior. Below, you will find some recent blog posts regarding Christian Leadership in the workplace that we hope you will find helpful and inspiring. Business, counseling, criminal justice, education and nursing are some of CCU’s most popular degree programs.

Relationship at the Expense of Morality

I’ve spent a great deal of time criticizing and analyzing the moral and ethical missteps of a variety of situations over the past seven weeks.   In that time, I’ve also had the opportunity to analyze and criticize my own worldview as it pertains to Christian theology. What I’ve found is messy, confusing, and utterly eye … Continued

Ethics, Leadership & Morality

Ethics, leadership, and morality are interchangeable parts, but what do they have in common?  We all know that ethics involves moral principles or rules of conduct that tells us how we should act.  Leadership we know is a function of a leader who guides or directs a group of people into doing what is acceptable … Continued

Learned Leadership

It has been amazing to go through this journey thus far, but as I continue to follow this path I do not know where it leads. Through a tugging of my heart for ministry, God led me to Colorado Christian University to seek a Master’s in Organizational Leadership to prepare me for full time ministry. … Continued

Windows into your soul

Marcus Tullius Cicero is credited to the old English proverb, “Eyes are the window to the soul.” Although no one can be certain that it originated with this Roman Philosopher, we also see this principle in the Bible. Matthew 6:22-23 states, “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body … Continued

Leaders of Tomorrow

I am blessed to have the opportunity to coach the softball team at Colorado Christian University.  Three years ago, CCU added the softball program and I was hired as the head coach.  Little did I know, that these young ladies would have such a positive impact on my life, the lives of their teammates, and … Continued