Being a Light


Being a Light


Exactly four days ago my 2013-2014 NBA D-league season ended with a four point loss to The Rio Grande Valley Vipers in game three of the league playoffs. That day was a very sad day for me. I seriously thought the reason God had me come back into the D-league this year was to get another championship under my belt to make me look even more equipped for the big leagues. Little did I know His plans looked much different.

Mark 15:16 says And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” As a Christian athlete I always thought that it was my duty to preach the gospel, but with using as less words as possible so I wouldn’t run everyone out with boredom. This was sort of my way of being known as the “Christian” leader on the teams I’ve been apart of. It wasn’t until this 2013-2014 season that I finally realized that I’ve had it all wrong. It is really my duty to preach the gospel both with my actions but also with my words, actually speaking the word of god and teaching it to my teammates. My experience this season has been one that I can say has changed the way I’ve shined for the kingdom. It went from me quietly sharing my faith in the past through my actions, to screaming aloud by purchasing 17 bibles for my basketball team, and actually teaching and leading them through their bibles at our team bible studies throughout the year.

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