The following incentives were presented to the staff of a small Inn who wishes to remain anonymous. The team had been in mutiny feeling unlistened to and marginalized. The management team realized that they were doing a great job externally providing excellent guest services, top rankings on trip advisor and delighted repeat guests, however the internal services and messages were quite the opposite. The incentives below come at a low price tag with three out of five resulting in no cost to the Inn. Which Incentive ranks top and creates the most smiles? Food, In our tourist driven community the staff had been spending $10 plus for marginal snacky food at the market.

We’re working really hard to make the Inn one of the top spots to work on the Island and have confirmed the following extras for Inn team members who 1. Have been successfully and consecutively employed by the Inn for at least 60 days 2. Are INN good standing and 3. Work an average of twenty or more hours per week.

1. Food

o We don’t have a restaurant on-site but we do have friends around town. The Bean will give you 20% OFF if you ask really nicely for the ‘Friends and Neighbors’ button (please don’t spread the word); The Spring Street General Store and Deli will hook you up with a $5 Lunch just because you’re on our team (must be on-shift with your uniform) and the Cask and Schooner will give you a 15% discount when you use their loyalty card (no restrictions!)

2. Fun
o Once a year, we’ll get you and a pal a spot on a Zip Line tour, Whale Watch or Kayaking trip based on availability and scheduling! We’ll use a request form process.

3. Ferry
o We’ll hook you up with two free car and driver passes a year to use when you need to based on scheduling! We’ll use a request form process.

4. Friends
o Because the Inn is a STASH partner hotel, you can receive really good pricing at places like Cedarbrook Lodge near the airport, Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort in Winthrop, The Resort at Port Ludlow in Port Ludlow, and the Edgewater, Hotel Andra and Hotel Max in Seattle. There’s Hotel Murano in Tacoma and several spots around the country, too.

5. Funds
o If you work with the Inn year ‘round or just for the INN season, you may be eligible for a performance based bonus. Here’s how that will work:

o The hours you work x your current hourly wage x 3% = Bonus Potential!