Lord of ALL Creation

Colossians 1:16 “…all things were created by him, and for him…” God created all things. He created the earth, the animals, my family, my church, and my work. And he created them all for himself. 1 Corinthians 10:31 tells us everything we do should be done to God’s glory. That is easy to do in our church life. It’s easy to see that as God’s domain. It’s even easy to do that in our family life, although sometimes the family can get in the way of other things I would rather do. But do I really want God in my work? Is he really the Lord of my business? Can a book that was written 2,000 years ago rely apply to my business deals today? According to these verses, yes. Nowhere in the bible do we read that God created the spiritual stuff for himself and we can have the secular leftovers. God created it all and created it for his own glory. That means that everything is sacred to Him. Not just the stuff we do at church, not just praying with my kids at night, but also that annoying coworker who doesn’t get what we are trying to do. That naive client that won’t notice if we sell him something he doesn’t need.
the whole earth is God’s dominion. He is in control over all of it and we are instructed to use it all to glorify Him. There is no work/church/home life. There is just life. There is no sacred and secular, there is just the sacred. Use your whole life to bring glory to the creator.