Leading the youth of today

I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing when I signed up for the MOL program, but I knew God wanted me here. I have learned so much from the few classes I have taken. I was told so many times growing up that I showed so much promise as a leader. I didn’t think that highly of myself. I struggled with self esteem and self worth issues most of my life. When I first started college, the professors I had for business classes all told me I should go into business. That wasn’t where I wanted to be and I didn’t think I could do it. So, when I entered the MOL program, it was a complete shock to me. But God has His plans.

I work with a group of middle school girls. Most of these girls have either been in trouble or don’t have many opportunities due to money or family issues. By God’s grace I went from having three girls last year to 13 this year. This program is led by these girls, I’m just there to supervise, The girls get to choose what they want to do, so it isn’t just more time when they have adults telling them what to do. Last week they decided that they wanted to do a bake sale. While I was at the VALS conference this week, I received an email from the girl who helps with the group. The girls have decided that they want to use the money from the bake sale to help the flood victims with whom they go to school.

My point is that these girls have gone from focusing on themselves, what they want, and what we can do for them to showing compassion for others. Not all of the girls are Christians, but I pray they see Him through me. “If you are filled with light, with no dark corners, then your whole life will be radiant, as though a floodlight is shining on you.” (Luke 11:36, NLT). I have also watched a lot of these girls blossom. The self esteem and self worth issues I had growing up were evident in some of these girls as well. God has given me the pleasure of watching them grow, change, and become more confident in who they are. It brings so much joy to my heart knowing that they are gaining the confidence they need to make their own marks on the world.

“A wise teacher’s words spur students to action and emphasize important truths. The collected sayings of the wise are like guidance from a shepherd.” (Ecclesiates 12:11).