Benefits of Being a Christian College Graduate–Market Yourself As Such

Christian Degree Market YourselfColorado Christian University provides students with an exemplary college education that will prepare you for the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral challenges you will face in the workforce. Regardless of your age, socioeconomic status, marital status or work experience, Christian college graduates are special in so many ways. Christian college graduates leave the Christian Community of CCU with much more than a diploma in hand. In tough economic times and a competitive work world, marketing yourself as having a Christian degree and being a Christian college graduate will help you rise to the top of the stack of resumes employers must sift through to find the right person for the job–no matter what the career field. With so few jobs and so many applicants, you must have that “wow” factor that sets you apart from the rest.

Put yourself in the place of an employer: you have hundreds of applications to sort through for one or two positions. What is going to grab your attention? What is going to make you want to put a face to that resume or cover letter? What is going to make you want to hear what an applicant has to say about what he can contribute to your company? Mediocrity is not going to get anyone’s attention. Simply meeting the job requirements will not get you the face-to-face interview. You have to have that “thing” that employers will get excited about; that “thing” that employers will say, “This guy or gal might be what we’re looking for.” And that’s where your Christian, faith-based education comes in. A degree from a Christian college speaks volumes about your character, your ethics, your values and your priorities, but these will mean nothing unless you market yourself as a Christian college graduate. It’s something to be proud of; it’s something you want a prospective employer to know and it’s something that will give you the edge over your fellow applicants. But how do you market yourself as a Christian degree holder? Let’s take a look at some ways you can show prospective employers that you are the best applicant for the job for which you’re applying.

Traits to Market as a Christian College Graduate

According to various studies, when employers are asked, “What is one of the main characteristics you look for in a prospective employee?” many answered,  “interpersonal relationship skills.” One very successful businessman said that if a student has a 4.0 grade point average but can’t get along with people, his company doesn’t want that student. But that also does not mean the company wants a social butterfly who spends time off task chit-chatting with colleagues. As a Christian institution, we strive to hold students accountable in areas of respect, honor and dignity toward everyone. Our graduates are going to be able to work in a team and work well with others. CCU graduates will not play dirty to get the promotion or the corner office; they will work hard and collaborate with others to get the job done and to contribute to the company’s success. CCU job applicants will be selfless in the workplace and always put the team and company’s needs before their own. The smartest applicant is not always the best applicant, and many employers in this day and age are realizing that integrity matters more than intellect. That is not to say intelligence does not matter, but what good is an employee with a genius-level IQ with no ability to interact with others to a company who thrives on collaboration and team work?

Students from Christian colleges are typically well rounded and well prepared. They’ve studied across disciplines, they know how to work with people, they have a strong work ethic, and they conduct their lives (both professional and personal) in a manner that follows Jesus’ teachings. Many of the quality traits that employers are looking for align directly with the kind of quality traits found in graduates of colleges like CCU. Christian graduates are able to live out their faith through their education and realize the importance of living out their “calling” in the workforce. They are challenged to see their education and their future career as a response to God’s faithfulness and calling on their lives and not just a means to an end. Christian college students will typically not just show up for the paycheck and 401K.

Finally, students from Christian colleges have the same career options as all other students, but can also pursue opportunities in ministry leadership and careers that are faith based, which might not be open to students without a Christian college education. The opportunities for Christian college graduates are endless.

Would you like to learn more about the Christian Community of CCU and speak to an enrollment counselor. If, so please contact the CCU Admissions Office today to learn more about how a degree from a Christian college could put your resume on the top of the stack.



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  1. Jude Johnson says:

    This is a great article. I completely agree that a Christian based education has many advantages. As a Christian graduate, I will look at my job as a workplace ministry where I have to be a light and model the life of Christ. I will be grounded in strong moral ethics; which is highly needed in corporate America. There are many graduates who have the basic skills needed to do a job, but a Christian degree says I have high standards, I will come to work on time, I will not take what is not mine, I will honor and respect my boss and fellow co-workers.

  2. Emmanuel T Gradner says:

    I have always feared being in a leadership position. I think this is because I fear the responsibility.

    I feel strongly that the greatest benefit of graduating from CCU will be that I am “different” from the crowd. People think of Christians as “different.” Sadly, many times people see Christians acting in ways that do not edify Christ. I want to edify Christ and be looked upon as a true Christian and not a hypocrite, and I want Christ to shine through me. This is my challenge, as it is the challenge with which all Christians are faced.

    Studying at CCU has motivated me to read my Bible more, which is a very good thing, indeed! I find myself studying God’s word more than I have in years. I had hoped this would happen, and it has. Knowing God’s word and keeping in my heart is the absolute best thing I can do, in all areas of life.

    I have not even graduated from CCU, yet, and I have already seen benefits of my affiliation with this university!

    For example, on a recent job application, I put “Graduate student at CCU.” My prospective employer asked me about this. I told the man who was interviewing me that CCU stands for Colorado Christian University. A week after the initial interview, the same man and I met again because he was interested in hiring me. The man pulled me outside of his office and asked me if I would be offended by the foul language and behavior of the workers in the area that I would be working. He was concerned that I would not be happy in this work environment because he could tell that I was different. I have never had any employer voice any concerns like this! I was astonished and blessed, all at the same time.

    It was my hope that the classes at CCU would incorporate Bible verses and Christian principles directly into the assignments. I am pleased to see that this is the case! The past several years, the Lord has been working in my heart. I believe the Lord is “pushing” me toward being in a leadership position somewhere (I am not sure where).

    As a new grad student, at CCU, I am encouraged and challenged to grow, as a potential leader in the business world, and I am also encouraged at the prospect of possibly working in the ministry, in some capacity. If only I could imitate even a few qualities that Jesus possesses, I would be able to lead with confidence, and the people I lead would have confidence in me. Having a degree from an accredited Christian university also opens so many doors, as far as witnessing for Christ. Just being a student here has already provided me with several easy opportunities to bring Christ into the conversations I have had with people.

    By the time I graduate from CCU, with my MBA, I know that I will be more educated and confident, both as a Christian and as a leader, in whatever area I am called to work. Having a degree from CCU will show people that I am serious about my faith and about being a good man, a good worker, and a good leader.

  3. Alice says:

    This is an insightful article. I believe employers look for the employees they can trust even if they do not believe in God. Being a Christian College Graduate also entails not forgetting that we are Christians first. It is easy to get caught up in the things of this world but what testimony are we leaving in our workplace? I believe by having a degree of a Christian College raises the standard of our conduct. We must keep that in mind.

  4. Mark Hurst says:

    Great article! I love CCU so far. I am so proud to say I am a student here. I am truly blessed to be around such wonderful people!

  5. Denny Wongosari says:

    There are a lot of things that I agree with in this article. I agree that being a graduate from a Christian institution may give employers a different set of eyes on our moral standards. I also agree that graduates from CCU or any other Christian colleges have the same career options and can also pursue ministry if warranted.

    But to patronize the idea that employers are going to see us to be on the top pecking order is a logical fallacy. It really depends on what job market you are going for. As an athletic trainer and a graduate from another Christian institution, I have witnessed how being a Christian actually hinder some of us from getting selected for assistantship in science related graduate schools. One of my friends who happens to be in med school also reported that her professors make fun of Christians and they don’t treat people who graduated from Christian institutions nicely. And with the way our society runs so apologetically, we may even get more scrutiny if we put our faith as the biggest factor on our cover letters. i am not trying to downplay the effectiveness of our honesty in following Christ, but I do want to warn people not to be shocked when they are receiving the opposite reception that they are hoping for.

  6. roxi says:

    Students that graduate from a Christian college will receive a quality education by Christian educators who are called by Jesus Christ to educate with excellence. Students will develop positive relationships. Christian graduates will be equipped to face the challenges of life and their character will be built on the teachings deemed by God.

  7. Allison says:

    Great article! It was mentioned that at CCU, “as a Christian institution, we strive to hold students accountable in areas of respect, honor and dignity toward everyone. Our graduates are going to be able to work in a team and work well with others” (CCU, 2012). I have experienced this first hand, both in the online classroom and in my interactions with faculty and staff. As a MBA student at CCU, the Values Aligned Leadership course has been most insightful regarding how my worldview influences my actions, morals, and perceived ethics. My worldview is centered in Christian theism, having a biblical foundation for truth, not necessarily how our culture views things today. This is described clearly in Scripture: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” Romans 12:2 (NIV). This directly influences how I view Business Ethics, as I am holding the standard to what Scripture (full truth) states on the matter, not necessarily what our culture finds to be ethical “enough” or “ok” to practice in business. I can see how this would be beneficial to employers (secular or of religious affiliation). While it can be difficult to set the ethical standard higher if culture allows meritocracy or complacency, I am called to be a follower of Christ and to emulate His identify of integrity, honesty, love, and grace.

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