Build the Perfect Management Team

Building the perfect team for your company is vital. I believe that organizations should focus less on the what and more on the who. Companies generally look to fill positions. However, what if the companies did not focus as much on the “what” as much as the “who” instead of looking for someone to fill a job, they looked for someone who fit the DNA of that organization.

Katharine Giacalone gives these twelve points:

Step 1: Map an action plan.

Step 2: Prepare the organization for prime time.

Step 3: Build organizational capacity.

Step 4: Know budget and compensation specifications up-front.

Step 5: Identify key management milestones early.

Step 6: Know it’s OK to change your mind during the process.

Step 7: Stop.

Step 8: Go.

Step 9: Don’t miss out on hiring opportunities.

Step 10: Put your high performers together.

Step 11: Provide an orientation and training time.

Step 12: Remember to take care of yourself.

When hiring your team, it’s ok to take your time. As one man said, “Hire slow, fire fast.” When building a team, the leaders needs to remember that the people who surround the organization are the ones who make it work. Therefore take your time and build correctly.

To build correctly, you must start wit yourself, and improve yourself. An 8 will never work for a 7. This also demands that the leader knows their blind spots and weaknesses. The leader needs to be ok with that. There are people who are better than you. That is OK! But keep learning. If someone does happen to follow you that is higher on the leadership scale it is simply because of your character.

When building a team look for the the “4 C’s” character, chemistry, capacity, and competency.

The individual invited to the team needs to be invited based on evidence and proof and not must feelings. These are just a few thoughts on building the perfect management team.