Leaders need to watch dogs of injustice.

Effective leaders have to step and make hard choices when the time is necessary. No time is more necessary than when people’s rights are being threatened. This particular example is described in the work place and deals directly with women’s rights. In Kellye Whitney’s article, “Punished for being pretty.” a famous woman volleyball players career is threatened because she is beautiful. Whitney argues that women, whether beautiful or not, should be allowed to go about their regular business without any repercussions based solely on their appearance.

It’s not always easy to speak out against what the majority are supporting especially when our opinions might be the unpopular ones. As leaders its essential to stand up for basic rights for men and women. Speaking up and doing the right thing is not always easy. Even one of Jesus’s twelve disciples couldn’t do it and denied God three times in front of crowd. Again this was the popular crowd that didn’t want to acknowledge Jesus as the son of God. As leaders we have to internal fortitude and courage to make the necessary decisions in the name of good.

I’m not suggesting hypervigilance but I believe leaders need to be the outspoken of injustice. We don’t have to be in extreme situations as Judas was it can be as simple as starting with speaking out to help somebody.Leaders need to have courage and the ability to speak out and make the hard choices when necessary.



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