Walk the Talk

We have been taught our whole lives that lying is bad and we should tell the truth no matter what. From a biblical perspective, we know that God wants us to always be honest and it is a sin to not tell the truth. When we focus on a topic such as “whistleblowing” telling the truth might not be the best idea. Based on what has happened to whistleblowers in the past, it would seem like a good idea not to tell the truth. Scharfenberg (2007) states, “…has in fact been used to punish employees who speak out, and serves little more than to dissuade others from coming forward.” The article explains what has happened to whistleblowers in the past and it is true that they have been punished for telling the truth. In this case, it would make it hard for some people to decide that telling the truth is a good idea. I believe that telling the truth is always the right thing to do because that is what God wants and even if consequences come from it, I know that God will be pleased and I will be rewarded for it someday.

Depending on the situation, a team player and a whistleblower can be different or they can be the same. For the most part I believe that these are one in the same. A whistleblower is telling the truth about what they saw because they know that the situation is wrong. They want themselves, those they work for, and the public to be safe and they want them to know the truth. This makes them a good team player because they are doing it for the team. They are also “taking one for the team” by being the person who steps forward with the situation. They are different if the whistleblower is coming forward with the truth for selfish or personal reasons. If they affect the team because of their “whistleblowing” in a negative way, that can make them seem like they are not a team player either.

If a boss is doing something unethical, it would be expected that anyone stands up the moment they see it, but that is not always the case. In my opinion if a boss is doing something that is harmful to anyone, then they need to be confronted. Whether it is physical harm or mental harm or even stealing, the person who witnesses it needs to stand up to them. There could be great consequences to this because it would obviously not make the boss happy. They could fire the person, retaliate, or treat them in a very poor fashion. It might be hard and the consequences might be too great to handle, but it is our duty to make sure that everyone is honest and doing the right thing. That is what God wants from us.

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Scharfenberg, C. (2007). Federal “Whistleblower” Protection System is Anything But”. Center For Investigative Reporting.