Lack of Vision

Most companies develop a mission, vision and goals to keep their foundation aligned with what they are doing.  However, when goals are put in place to carry out their mission and vision, they must have follow through.  Beach (2006), perspective on vision asserts that vision is a narrative of where a company wants to be in the future.  However, some companies lack this vision.  Or rather, lack the leadership that motives employees to achieve.  Leadership has an important role in this accomplishment.  The elements of vision according to Beach (2006) include goals, priorities, requirements and implications.  If a company puts forth goals, then they must have something in place that makes sure this happens.  They also need a fall back plan if this doesn’t take place.  It’s absolutely essential for leadership to carry out these aspects or the moral and trust for employees goes out the door. Thus, make goals for your company and follow through with them with all employees.