Moral Decay Starts at the Top–Take Action

Yes, there is a leadership crisis caused by the absence of moral truth, which starts at the top in our country. Governmental leaders including the President, senators, representatives and local officials lack moral truth. The President is a driving force behind abortion rights, he supports homosexual marriage and his administration has increased the public debt by 5+ trillion dollars during his time in office. The People have lost all confidence in the U.S. Congress to act or lead by ethical standards and, currently, our Colorado Legislature is a snapshot of the President’s administration. Boulder County, Colorado officials (where I reside) practice moral relativism.

Knowing that governmental leaders are so deficient in fundamental moral principles, by what right do we have to expect business leaders to set a good example? That would be hypocrisy in its rankest form. So what are we as Christians to do? Is it even possible to bring morality back into public life?

What can motivate us to be better, more responsibly engaged citizens in the battle for moral truth? Our Christian faith. We must choose to live with a strong, Christian moral compass and display moral truth/ethics in our lives. We must FIGHT, as Christian soldiers, to cleanse our government and our business world of moral decay. As part of that fight, all of us should be active in government/politics so that we can effect positive changes. We must not become calloused to unethical behaviors in our government and businesses; instead we must take action against these behaviors. The future of our society depends on it.