Leadership with Purpose

As I look back during my tenure in the military, I often wondered what drove me to pursue a life and career in the Air Force.  I can honestly say that my personal desires to be successful came with a price.  That price meant that I would often experience defeat through my short comings, compromise my integrity with my peers, and see my family make many sacrifices to support my idea of SUCCESS.  That was a time many years ago when my passion and purpose did not align with one another.  After being baptized and turning my life to God, I began to see what my purpose entailed.  My PURPOSE no longer put my needs above everything.  It became a ministry to serve others though my faith.  I learned that as a servant leader, my passion was to do God’s will because it is never about “me”.  Once I put this into perspective, I was able to understand the true meaning of PURPOSE. It was important for me to create  an environment for others to understand leadership and being passionate about doing the right things…not just doing things right.

My daughter is a track and field athlete who races in the 100m dash, 4x100m relay, and 4×200 relay.  She is a very driven young lady that pursues being in the top 1%.  During some invitational track meets, she gets discouraged and defeated when she does not place in the top 3.  My husband and I sat her down and put it into perspective.  While God continues to work on us, he never stops.  As a leader in her own right, unless she is intentional about building, improving and growing, she is in danger of being a destroyer.  The leader must be intentional about development as a purpose for her leadership (Boa, Buzzell, & Perkins, 2007).  Run the race in life for God’s purpose and not yours.  Instead of focusing on being 1st place, focus on improving personal bests, remain humble and faithful to God.


Boa, K., Buzzell, S., & Perkins, B. (2007). handbook to leadership: Leadership in the image of God. Kennesaw, GA. Trinity House Publishing.