Values and Leadership

Throughout this course we have discussed the importance of ethics and values in leadership.  What’s right and wrong in corporations and how we can recover from the Enron’s of our time and secure our future in business management.  We have discussed models to use to ensure we build the right community and work ethic in an organization.  All the while, we must take into consideration that not all people are the same.  We share different backgrounds, cultures, religion, and so on.  The question is how do we make a positive impact on society and live and work as Christians and allow differences in our business community.  Many times, it takes a team to build a concept that everyone is “bought into” and to strive to achieve their goals and keep their values at the same time or “tweaking” them to fit our differences.  Making certain that our company goals are on target and developing ethics departments that will align with our vision is key.  Following up, “trust but verify” is also key in an organizations success.  A company should not hire all “likes”, but find those with the same values or similar values to run the company.  Just because people share the same values does not mean they operate in the same manner.  In my current job, we hire for specific positions and we have found it very helpful to inteview publicly, written, and in the form of scenario based exercises.  This says a lot about the people we choose for the positions we hire for. 

Since I have taken this course, I have changed certain aspects of the way I lead.  I have involved God way more often than I have in years.  This has helped me not only in the way I am viewed, but in the way people interact with me as well.  I have also considered different ways business’s operate and what I can bring, from what I have learned, to the table.   

“There is but one living and true God, who is infinite in being and perfection, a most pure spirit, invisible, without body…”  Westminster Confession 2.1

My goal is to be a leader of the future in the way of being a servant leader, using the side-by-side leadership method, and taking a true interest in my subordinates.  They will work for you if you make them feel they are part of company success or even a virtuous company.