A Christian leader

Throughout the course of this class, we have been learning about what it means to be a Christian leader.  A leader can come in many different forms.  For some, we are leaders of a business or organization.  Others are leaders of a smaller group of people at work.  Some of us are called to be leaders in our homes and among our families.  Some of us lead in other avenues, such as in church or an outside hobby or recreational activity.  Whatever the capacity that we find ourselves in as a leader, we are called to represent our Lord through this unique opportunity we have been given.

A Christian leader possesses many important qualities, none of which are more vital than honesty and integrity.  If we attempt to lead in His name, but lack integrity and honesty, then our efforts are wasted.  Nobody wants to follow the lead of a person that they do not trust, whether they claim to be a Christian or not.  Trust is the most fundamental piece to any relationship, and without it we have nothing.

A Christian leader must also be able to live up to the expectations he or she sets forth for those that are following.  If a leader expects hard work, energy, and passion, then it is only reasonable that the leader exhibits those qualities as well.  Thinking of my own life, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a couple of great Christian leaders so far in my career.  My current boss (head coach of our college basketball team) demands that we are focused, proactive, hard-working, and energetic with our work and players.  He expects us to be encouraging and positive, while building relationships founded on trust so that when we correct them they will listen.  It is much easier for me to buy into this system because I have the opportunity to see my boss live this out each day.  To me, these are a few pieces of what it takes to be a great Christian leader.