Leading in the Spirit

Galations 5: 22-23 gives us a simple outline for how other’s can know we are living the life Christ has called us to.  The Fruits of the Spirit are the ways in which the world can see Christ in our actions.  Leadership is no exception to this.  We should be displaying Fruits of the Spirit in all we do.

Love- As Leaders, we should make all decisions out of Love for all those who will be affected by the choices we make.  We must strive to look on others as Christ sees them.

Joy-  We should serve those that we lead with a “Happy to Do it” mentality.

Peace- As leaders, we are to be peacekeepers.  However, this does not mean that we are pushovers.  We must learn to help keep the peace while still maintaining integrity and standing up for what is right.

Patience- Be slow to speak and eager to listen!  Listening does not mean waiting on your turn to speak.  The closer that we listen, the better prepared we will be to respond appropriately.  Wait on the Lord to guide you rather than quickly jumping to conclusions on your own.

Goodness-  As leaders, we should exemplify God’s goodness.  Others should be able to look at our actions and see integrity and honor.

Gentleness-  The right approach is key to developing good leadership.  Often times, it is not the decision that earns your respect, but instead, the way in which you present the solution.  We can be right without being hateful.  We can correct without being rude.

Faithfulness-  As Servant Leaders, there should be no doubt whom our trust and faith is in.  All things daily should be approached first in prayer and followed in faith by the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Self Control- Holding back is often something difficult for leaders to do as they typically have strong personalities.  However, self control and waiting on the Lord, only gives a leader more credibility and strength for the future.