The Age of Maturity

As I progress through life, I am quite often faced with issues of maturity versus immaturity.  Conflict, ethics, day-to-day interaction, society, culture; they all seem to boil down to maturity.

What dictates a mature person?  Is it a person’s age, being married, having children?  In my personal opinion, it is being able to face life with realistic expectations, knowing who you are and who we answer to. 

I think that most people in the world know that there are certain socially acceptable customs and courtesies.  I am overwhelmed by what the “socially acceptable” standards are though.  The President of the United States is caught in an affair, denies it under oath, is found guilty of it, then the American people re-elect him.  The common fashion trend for young men is wearing pants that fall down below the waist, showing underwear.  People (young and old) texting without speaking a word to the ones they love; without hearing the voices, without engaging in the joy of conversation.  What a shame.

But, is any of this maturity or imaturity?  In my opinion, it all comes down to a lack of respect and losing connection to the one who made us; the one who holds the keys to life everlasting.  As we have lost our outward faith in God, we have lost our respect for one another.  Maturity, in my mind, is respecting others, respecting ourselves and respecting God. 

Would He want us to be so lackadaisical that we didn’t take a good look in the mirror before leaving home and saying to ourselves; “today, I am dressed to command respect” or; “today, I will act in a manner that God will approve of”?  Probably isn’t one of the most “fashionable” perspectives today, but one that I feel separates maturity from immaturity.

Accepting who we are is one thing.  Learning to accept Christ and not fear outwardly showing it is another.  When one learns to accept Him and not fear rejection from society, no matter what age, maturity is in motion.