Team Players and Whistleblowers

I believe it always best to tell the truth. But I also believe God knows that when our faith falters, we rely on our own logic for successfully eluding a bad situation, which may include lying.  Often Rahab is used as an example for lying to be acceptable but I don’t believe her lie was ever actually condoned within Scripture, her faith was.  It was her faith that was so profound and yet it faltered when faced with telling the truth about the spies and she relied on her own judgment in answering, most likely out of fear. In our humanity, that’s what happens.  Jesus never lied; He relied wholly on God the Father when confronted with situations where most, if not all, of us might lie such as in John 8:6-8.  We fail, in our humanity, to have the faith we need sometimes.  I happen to believe that if we are always truthful, God will protect us.  I also believe that being truthful doesn’t necessarily mean you lay out all your cards, a.k.a. diplomacy.

I think there is a difference between being a “team player” and a “Whistleblower.”  Although being a team player is the politically correct thing to do, it does not mean that the “team” is right.  There are definitely times when being a team and banding together is the right thing to do but compromising the truth for the sake of being a team player is not ethical, in my opinion.  Being a “Whistleblower” is more likely to be an ethical act because who would fall on their own sword for something that wasn’t unethical?  Few people will do so even when there is an injustice or an ethical reason to do so much less if there weren’t.  Being a Whistleblower takes far more courage than being a team player and is probably more of a “team player” than what others might consider as a “team player” because a Whistleblower is willing to go against the tide for the sake of all (the team).  They risk a lot to bring light to the darkness with a hope of improving the situation for everyone.

I cannot work for people I don’t respect.  I don’t respect anyone who conducts themselves unethically, with impure motives.  God is always with me so I should never worry about the outcome since I will be where He wants me to be regardless.  When dealing with ethics and integrity from the right perspective, I don’t believe there are “consequences” with God, only with mankind.  Since God is over mankind and it is His will which will be done, I need not worry about what men will do – I just need to be obedient and trust God with the results.