Integrity in the workplace starts in the home

Integrity in the workplace starts in the home. What I mean by that is, what you do behind closed doors alone, is generally who you are when no one is watching at work as well. Look around at the decisions, some large scale decisions, that ended up blowing up in peoples faces because there was some type of lying and deceit behind the intentions. The news is full of people who may have started out with the best of intentions and when they were perceived as not being watched, made choices that when put into the light showed a much different picture than what one first intended. The point is, integrity starts in the little things, the easier choices to make the better decision makes a habit form so when temptation comes we are better equipped to handle the situation. Small lies can become such big sins much quicker than any of us would care to imagine. Be honest at home, in your heart and head and don’t allow strongholds to entangle you.


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  1. Chris Ray says:

    I appreciate your thoughts on this subject, as I completely agree with you. I believe that you practice your character through the way that you respond to situations on a daily basis. Your character is how you will respond in any given situation and will stem from how you have responded to specific situations in the past. You are known by how you respond to situations and your character comes to the forefront in these situations.

  2. tylerschlagel says:

    I like this a lot, someone always feels more conformable at home and if are not at work as well there is some work to be done to bring whom you are at home to who you are at work.

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