Transformational Leadership

“External recruiters should keep a keener eye on minority talent” (Rodriguez, 2013, p. 10). As this article points out, executive search firms are not aware of top executives specifically in the Hispanic community and women. It is evident that a firm that is looking for a top executive may choose an external recruiter, however that external recruiter may not value the same corporate climate or values of the company in search of a new executive. In some firms, the firms’ employees are recruiting candidates by internal recruiters or employees which are believed to have a “better idea which women and minorities will be successful at their company” (Rodriguez, 2013, p.10). While these may be great points of interest to becoming a transformational leader within an organization by fostering a climate that searches all people for executive positions, what I discovered is the fact that all these companies and particularly this article, seem to be focused on minority people based on race and gender, etc. and less about qualifications. It would seem that the number one priority would not to have a simple number that represents a person in an executive position but someone that actually represents what the company believes in and stands for. There is nothing wrong with having an executive who is Hispanic, a woman or a minority, the real question is why do you want to hire an executive based on those qualifications? If the purpose is to reach women in the work place and have a better understanding then sure, I would understand hiring a women as an executive, which may provide for a better understanding of the women in workforce or provide insight into reaching customers who are women. The same may be true for hiring a Hispanic or other minority as an executive to provide a connection, understanding and insight into those that are a minority in the firm or the customers who are minorities. I do not believe it is the right thing to do, just simply to make the executive team more diverse. If you are simply attempting to make the executive team more diverse by hiring a minority or two on the team, that would give the appearance that you are only doing this to meet a quota and that you really don’t value that person as an integral part of the team. So it comes down to who you are as firm and what you truly value. You should be representative of all people at all levels within an organization in order to be effective leadership.