Pathway to CDO

A CDO is a Chief Diversity Officer. Traditionally, CDO’s came up the ranks through a human resources career path. Today, however, the path to CDO is as diverse as the people who make up the organization and can come from any department or educational background. This is very suitable considering that the CDO is in charge of diversity and that they themselves do not need to come from a cookie cutter mold. Their experiences in their previous roles are valuable and will give them as CDO a unique perspective. They may hail from operations, legal, marketing, education. It is wide open.

CDO’s who have a business foundation do well. What is really required of them is the ability to get things done. This role is all about relationships. It goes back to the idea of bringing meaning to work.  The CDO is responsible to bring together the ideas and values of people of a wide range of backgrounds. Hearing their voices and incorporating their brilliance into corporate culture brings meaning to the people who make up the organization. It likewise brings meaning to the organization. It provides that company with a depth and soul missing in organizations that fail to include the minds, hearts and souls of its people.


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