Emotional Impact of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is increasing at an alarming rate, as we continue to transition into an age of social media and communication technology that opens the door for children to connect via technological devices.  This new age gives children countless resources to communicate with others, and thus allows for harmful behavior to happen in those new avenues as well.  Cyber bullying is defined as “any harassment that occurs via the internet, cell phones or other devices. Communication technology is used to intentionally harm others through hostile behavior such as sending text messages and posting ugly comments on the internet.” (Cyber Bullying Law & Legal Definition)  Doctor Jennifer Claude has this to say about the effects of cyber bullying, ““Kids that are bullied are likely to experience anxiety, depression, loneliness, unhappiness, and poor sleep”. (Cyber-Bullying and its Effect on our Youth)  Unfortunately, due to the fact that cyber bullies often are not able to see the response of the victim, they may respond “antinormative, uninhibited, aggressive, and impulsively” (Dehue, Bolman & Vollink).  While traditional bullies may not stop even when they see the response of the victim, cyber bullies do not have the chance to see the response and are even less likely to stop because empathy, remorse and regret are less likely to arise.  Doctor Claude also had this to say about the victimization that occurs in cyber bullying and additional ways that victims may react, “Making the issue worse is the fact that such negative effects of bullying often go unnoticed, as many victims feel the need to conceal the fact that they are being bullied because they are embarrassed or afraid of further bullying. More often than not victims respond passively to bullying. They tend to act anxious and appear less confident.” (Cyber-Bullying and its Effect on our Youth)  Cyber bullying is an issue that is a huge hindrance to our children and one that must be stopped.  As we continue to grow more technologically advanced it is vital for us to realize some of the dangers of those advancements and continually be thinking of ways to educated society on the preventions that must be taken.


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