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Looking at the Centennial institute website today (8/6/2013) I see a promo for the Western Conservative Summit 2013. There is a YouTube video called “The Obama Supporter Beauty Pageant #WCS13” in this video Caleb Bonham is taking with Obama supporters and showing their stupid answers to questions. He is demonstrating that Obama supports are not very smart.

To this I say – REALLY, this is how you show God’s love by degrading people. The funny part is there is a verse right above it and to the left

“There is one body and one Spirit… one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” – Ephesians 4:4,5

If we are all one body with one God who loves all of us then should we really be making fun of others who don’t think the same way as us?  Why don’t you just put up a video making fun of mentally challenged people? Would that be any funnier?

Just imagine if someone who did not know Christ came to this site and they were Obama supporters. Do you think they would ask – how can I be baptized and follow Christ.  Not I am guessing they would chalk this up to right wing hatred.

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  1. JohnA says:

    What’s wrong is conflicting values and worldviews. If we read all of Luke 10 we understand that we Christians are called to stand fast in the Spirit of Truth–to love thy neighbor doesn’t mean to let go of our Christian values and be passive observers–silent and without voice. Gabe Lyons and Barna Research has done extensive studies on what they refer to as UnChristian behavior. Nevertheless love bites sometimes.

    So often people don’t understand their own feelings and the responses to those feelings (actions) are a reflection of their worldview and the unique circumstances that frame their understanding or misunderstanding. Whenever graduate students cite popular media, the press, NY Times, CNN, Fox News, etc., I point out this is not research. These sources are not credible. Seekers of the Truth must locate the original sources of the knowledge and then present unbiased two-sides of the report—that’s disciplined inquiry. I say disciplined because there are so many babblers that are undisciplined, angry and even foolish in their arguments. Learning is the beginning of seeking the Truth. And making mistakes comes with learning. It is also how we learn and grow. Learning is uncomfortable because it requires a shift in consciousness. If one spins the truth to fit one’s reality then, he is living in unreality.

    Academics call this socially constructing reality and the moralists call it moral relativism. Some Christians make the scriptures fit their worldview and say, does the Bible really say that? I could have linked Marx’s “alienation” with extreme individualism or liberalism. It’s an interesting observation but I have noticed that most liberals don’t seem to really understand social theory let alone American history–civics. Liberals do not see the irony of tyranny in the forest of anomie and redistribution of wealth. Nor can they make the connection—the irony of social tyranny. The irony is that socialism is the opiate of the liberal masses. As it threatens core Judeo-Christian values.

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