Centennial Institute with Special Correspondent Caleb Bonham

After watching the video clip on the Centennial Institute with Special Correspondent Caleb Bonham:

It is amazing how people communicate, especially when they are being recorded.  However I do not think that this is a reflection of all Obama supporters and/or Democrats.  People are people, and no one knows how they would react in a situation until they are actually in it.  On the other hand, one would assume that when doing something as critical as supporting a political party, individuals would communicate and dress appropriately.  In actuality, they are only doing what they have learned.  The video was extremely stereotypical, demonstrating that Obama supporters are uneducated and cannot communicate.  Instead of poking fun at Obama and his supporters, it would be more beneficial for Christian Values-Aligned leaders to rise up and make a difference within their communities, cities, states, and nation either through volunteerism, employment, or candidacy.


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  1. Steve McDaniel says:

    This video by Caleb Bonham is entertaining, but adds nothing to the political discourse. If anything, it retards efforts to find common ground for change. Both sides Republican and Democrat typically agree that the course the country is heading is wrong. However, we passionately disagree on the changes, but if you have been paying attention our side, the conservative Christian side, has been getting walloped consistently since Woodrow Wilson.

    This video allows us to mock our “enemies” and feel superior, but it is not going to help us reach lost people for Christ. Jesus Christ said, “. . . You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39, ESV) How does this video show our love for our neighbors? It does not; it shows our contempt.

    The mission of the Centennial Institute states, “The Centennial Institute sponsors research, events, and publications to enhance public understanding of the most important issues facing our state and nation. By proclaiming Truth, we aim to foster faith, family, and freedom, teach citizenship, and renew the spirit of 1776” (Centennial Institute, n.d., para. 2). How does this video enable the Centennial Institute mission? It does not and falls beneath the dignity of this organization to take pot shots at people who should be receiving our love. How do we expect to change the hearts of those who disagree with us if we are too busy heaping scorn and disdain on them?

    Centennial Institute. (n.d.). http://www.ccu.edu/centennial/aboutus/

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