Diversity is “the variety of observable and unobservable similarities and differences among people” (Phillips & Gully, 2012, p. 40).  Diversity can be related to race, gender, and age and an individual can have many characteristics to reflect that diversity.  This leadership article speaks of a Latin CEO who for many years did not  use his ethnicity as a strength because he was afraid about being labeled.  After getting over his fear, he was able to understand to bring his whole self to work and to use his unique talents in the workplace.  As Christian leaders, we need to overcome the fear of retaliation of the world in the workplace and be a beacon of light to the world.  God has given us many talents and abilities that we can use to glorify Him daily and through these we can master the worldly principle of business.  If we seek God’s will daily and give it all to Him, we should be able to be ethical, moral, diverse, effective, confident,  and competitive.  Hickman states that “leaders can influence the culture of an organization in a variety of ways, one approach involves direct actions by the leader” (Hickman, 2012, p. 327).  Being a transformational leader in a worldly environment can be one way.  Transformational leaders mobilize and energize followers, are driven, appeal to larger audiences, guided by universal ethical principles, and are altruistic (Johnson, 2012).  Throughout this course we have learned to be diverse, ethical, and influential leaders for Christ. We are only temporarily inhabiting this world, but we have been put here for a purpose.  God has brought each and everyone of us here from many diverse backgrounds for the sole purpose of us glorifying Him through leadership/followership.  Strip away your fears and strengthen yourself boldly proclaiming Christ in your daily life.




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  1. Micah says:

    Having wrestled with the same challenges in the Air Force as the Latin CEO, I really resonated with this post. As I joined the Air Force and progressed through the ranks, I was unsure and unaware of how to effectively represent my culture and upbringing as an African American Male. My fear was that I would be labeled as “that guy”. It was not until I became comfortable with who I was, and learned how I could make a difference, that I felt free to be myself and represent my culture. The Lord has put us on this earth for a reason and for a season. The real question is what is our purpose and calling. Regardless of what that is, I believe that irregardless of our position in life, we are required to make a conscious effort to make a difference. Diversity today is more of a buzz word or term than describing an necessary action or requirement in organizations and throughout society. I pray the Lord will continue to ensure diversity happens. It is my fear, that instead of diversifying for the right reasons, organizations and schools only diversify because they are forced to by law. Having diversity training, and dialogue ensures we all are aware of the significance of diversifying our business and neighborhoods. This post on leaders by the Name Changer is well written and very informative. Name Changer, thank you for a well written and informative post.

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