Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is something that is necessary for America.  Reform is not needed to deal with the current illegal immigrants but to fix the problems for future immigrants.  The fact that it takes years to get an immigration visa to the US is the true shame of the system.  As an immigrant who had to wait over 10 years to get a visa to immigrate to the US and then had to wait an additional 4 years for my wife to get her visa to join me.  I think the system is broken.

As for the illegal immigrants currently in the country I am not sure what the solution is.  It is impossible to round them up and send them home.  If they are not allowed to work then they become a burden on the nation and we have to pay for that.  I believe there should be a penalty for them being in the country illegally and the punishment must be such that it deters others with the same thought of entering the country illegally.

As for business leaders, they must uphold the law of the land and not employ anyone here illegally.  Christian leaders must ensure they completely obey the laws.


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