The implementation of diversity can benefit the overall growth of the organization. Diversity eliminates the separation wall between people, groups and creates a channel between organizations and communities. Diversity doesn’t make us the losers, but the winners. Different perspective, skill and forte formulate the entity triumph and benefited the individuals improving the way of thinking, stereotyping and learning. Nonetheless, it might be a time consuming progress, it is not an overtime process. People from all cultures, color, gender and socioeconomic status should be collaborative in the process of assortment. Deep level diversity need big sacrifices that led to big victories. Diversity can also bring healing to the brazenness of our psyche due to discrimination and favoritism. “Instead dismissing the practices of other people as irrational, immoral, or inefficient, then, you must see these in their town terms rather than in terms of the way you do things.” (Robert and Jeanette, 1998, p. 81). Leaders have a responsibility to promote a teamwork environment by raising the level of solidarity. Diversity promotes, teamwork, collaboration and influence individuals bring a high effort to the production of the system. According to Berry, (2013), the survival of the organization isn’t granted when the entity is far from the realization of diversity and persist in the status quo, (para. 1). However, apart from the government polices people must heed each other and keep their mutual respect with respecting, diversity can’t ensue solely by government policies but must be propped up and addressed by the church leaders as well.
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