America’s Stockholm Syndrome

The looming and ever present budget crisis in our nation has broken down to political finger pointing.  Both sides of the isle are now standing tall and claiming the moral high ground while wagging their fingers at their “petty and disillusioned” counterparts.  Their claims are that the other side is out to destroy the country and that their side is the only party in the right so they are now refusing to budge on nearly any issue.  Americans are effectively held hostage by “leaders” who no longer care about anything or anyone but their own grab for greater political power and influence.

The core of the problem is that both sides have lost their ability to govern effectively and our great country, its citizens, and our very moral fiber are being eroded for the benefit of the politicians.  The real tragedy is that we as Americans will remain hostages for at least another year when we have the ability to either vote out our hostage takers or decide to accept our collective Stockholm Syndrome and keep them in office.

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