Hope for the future.

I have been actively pursuing a career in accounting for more than twenty years, and have risen through the ranks to various leadership positions. Along the way, I have experienced a host of unethical business practices and immoral individuals.  I have been put into positions of moral and ethical dilemma, which have impacted my faith in the ethical conduct of the business world today. It seems that too many individuals and companies are only concerned with getting ahead, beating out the competition, and being number one, at any cost. These feelings have only been compounded by the abundance of reports on corporate greed and misconduct that have been a dominant theme for the past twenty years. When I decided to take a leap of faith, and return to school for my MBA, I was initially concerned about the potential impact of going to a Christian university. I have experienced the prejudices of being a Christian, at the hands of non-Christians, throughout my career. What if potential employers were not comfortable with my MBA coming from a Christian university?  Would this decision hurt my chances of getting a job or a promotion? I prayed on this dilemma, and God responded “Do you really want to work for a company that does not recognize the importance of living as a Christian, with outstanding moral and ethical beliefs? Haven’t you had enough of the deceit that seems to dominate business today?”  I agreed that it was definitely time for a change and enrolled at Colorado Christian University. Several months later I secured a position as Finance Manager for a construction company that is in the process of growing tremendously, with strong Christian values. I am certain that I have made the right decision in attending CCU, and trust God to take my career to a new level as a result of standing strong and growing in Christian faith. The outstanding guidance provided by the faculty at Colorado Christian University will create strong, principled leaders for the future, and will have a significant impact on the moral and ethical fiber of business as a whole. There is hope for the future!


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  1. Stephanie says:

    There is hope for the future! I started my MBA at a for-profit school. I was discouraged by the self-seeking business philosophy. I eventually dropped out. After commissioning in the national guard, I began to see the benefit of having an MBA. I decided to try again. I did not want the same experience that I had had before and desired to learn ethical business. I chose CCU because it was a christian school and their perspective was biblical. I am learning in my class that proven leadership techniques are not contrary to the Christianity but actually complement it. What could be more satisfying than learning how to run a business from Jesus!

  2. Bob Myers says:

    There truly is hope for the future. I have found it to be so refreshing to work with the cohort at CCU – to see students utilize God’s Word in threaded discussions and to be encouraged by our professors to relate God’s Word to the papers we write. This type of encouragement will only embolden us as Christians and make it more comfortable for us to speak of Jesus to others.
    Going into the business world, I turn to Genesis and recall the life of Joseph. He proved that a man who trusted God could be a success no matter where his physical place was in the world. After being uprooted from his family, he had to learn an entirely new culture and language. His faithfulness in God helped to make Potiphar’s house successful. While in prison, Joseph God caused Joseph to rise to a position of trust. Later, God put Joseph in a position to save the Hebrew nation from starvation by making him second in command of Egypt.
    We are blessed with the talent(s) God has given to each of us. As Christians, what we do with those talents is our gift back to God. We have the opportunity for our work ethic to open the door for our testimony to others – let us pray that our Christian work ethic is a positive one that calls others to seek Christ through us and not a negative one that pushes others further away from God.

  3. LeaderTwelve says:

    I find myself in the same position as you. I had struggled with working with a secular organization, where religion and faith is normally and afterthought 9 times out of 10. I always enjoy learning more about my faith, but have always been met with rolled eyes when the comments about my beliefs are brought up around those who have chosen to live a lifestyle outside the circle of God. It has gotten to the point where I mainly keep to myself about my religious beliefs for fear of reprisal or scrutiny regarding my work. I thought that going to a Christian school to gain my Graduate degree was completely out of my reach, but through prayer and a lot of research, God led me to a school that I had passed everyday and hadn’t thought twice about.
    It was a blessing in disguise, and only having attend the school for a brief period of time, I truly enjoy the thought provoking discussion with like minded peers. It was hard at first to integrate biblical perspectives and principles into my school work, but I have enjoyed the challenge and have begun to understand how to decipher and understand certain passages for my overall learning goals. I hope to move on to a new career once I graduate, one that I can be proud to display my diploma (I would be already), and use it as a topic of conversation and as a way to discuss how God led me to make one of the best decisions of my adult life and enroll in CCU. I think you made the right decision, and I am extrememly happy that God helped you find an organization that fits your overall personal an professional goals.

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