The Restoration Of Christianity

The Restoration of Christianity
God is calling His people in this serious time especially in the 21st century when Christianity is losing its value and ground due to forces of various cultures. The culture of Christian is coming to be swallowed by the 21st’s self-reliant individualism culture. Unbelievably God is still working through people who are submitted and committed to His commands. God has dedicated and devoted people regardless of the time and ungodly cultural activities in which many people negatively impacted by the influence of social media and unhinged public opinion. In the era of declining Christianity: there will be two significant events: the weakening of Christianity and the birth and the rise of atheistic ideology in which unbelievers slowly emboldening their opposition to the existence of God by questioning Christians why evil do exist if God controls the universe? Nevertheless, God is above our thinking skill and He is the source of knowledge and wisdom. God sustains the people who stand firm in faith even during the rise of irreligious cultural influences and antagonism, “Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel–all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and all whose mouths have not kissed him.” (1Kings 19:18, NIV). Where are we today? Are we among the seven thousand people who have not bowed down to immoral and ungodly cultural influences or we are among the majority who have instructed, directed by the social media and left God behind and pursuing anti-Christian activities?
The foundation of Christianity is Jesus Christ, the focus of the church leaders should be Jesus Christ nothing else. The church must stand on its mission, vision and its core purposes and values. Church is not called to declare and enlarge its unique denominational doctrines but to focus on the heart bit of God which is; its nomination, submission and the great commission in which the populace will be impacted. Ultimately, we must recognize and identify that turning Christianity into the point of restoration is not an easy task. Restoration begins from the inside out not from the outside inwards. As many Christians have yielded their lives for the sake of Christianity, we must be getting ready to restore Christianity by purging unnecessary time consuming habits out of our lives. That is precisely where the restoration of Christianity begins.