Mackenzie Foust- Obamacare Registration: the Beginning of the End

The Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare began enrolling less than a week ago almost four years after the law was passed. That is almost four years that the Obama administration and bureaucrats had to work out all the kinks in the system. Still with all the time to prepare and all the hoopla, some states saw less than a one percent sign up rates.  “Some users received error messages asking for patience as the pages loaded, or indicating that the “system is down.” Others were ultimately sent to pages with incomplete or nonsense text, perhaps due to heavy traffic” (Viebeck, 2013). The system only works if millions of Americans enroll in the first 6 months. “The federal system’s design is unprecedented in the way it offers a centralized way to purchase health insurance and receive federal discounts. But critics have warned that the task of launching a sophisticated enrollment website may be too much for the government to handle” (Viebeck, 2013).  Consumers who need assistance are told dial the law’s call center or seek out help from “navigators” in their communities, but many report that the navigators don’t have the answers that they seek.  It makes one think, if the government can’t manage the signing up process, why should we trust them with our healthcare?


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  1. wmrosselot says:

    First of all, this is not free will at all. When did a free country demand its citizens to pay for insurance or be penalized for it? How can you get those who do not have jobs first pay for insurance yet alone pay for the penalities for not doing so? Who authorized this nonsense? Yes the elected officials that we put in place to help run this fabulous country. I truely feel bad for those who cannot do this, not the ones that choose not to work. This overwelming technical problem does not phase me one bit. Remember, the ones we elected that put together this ridiculous healthcare program together cannot not even get the system to work. What does that say about this program or our elected officials? I just pray that God will make sense of this mess and I pray for those who do not have, nor can afford this healthcare.

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