Meaning is the New Money

In her article for Diversity Executive, Tamara Erickson (2012) provides what could be a revolutionary process for capitalizing on diversity: embrace the differences of employees and bring individuals together as one working unit. Erickson (2012) reminds us that the old method of monetary bonuses for extra work toward the company’s goals is dying out. She notes … Continued

Forget the Glass Ceiling – Worry about the Glass Cliff!

Ten years ago, a New York Times article implicated that poor company performance was caused by the female top executives in those firms. But two years later, researchers in the U.K. were able to provide evidence of what many suspected; failing companies were hiring women as leaders to try and improve the situation.  This became … Continued

Big Government Does Not Care

The the article Reading the Changing the Government’s Use of Diversity,   is about the executive order that was put into place calling for all government agencies to have a diversity and inclusion plan in place within 120 days.     The first thing that comes to mind is the multicultural approach that was mention in the … Continued

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Steering sustained organizational modification related to diversity is a contemporary leadership challenge. The historical training approach is inadequate; it “needs to be supported with a suite of comprehensive behavioral and experiential programs and initiatives that can create lasting, persistent changes in organizational and individual behavior and results” (Prokopeak, 2011, p. 1). Coupled with organizational values; … Continued