There’s a saying that says, “life’s all about choices.” The choices we make each and every day shape our life. Looking back it’s interesting to see how the little every day details, that usually get lost in the more important things, are really what shape our life. One of my friends and I were recently … Continued

Leading to Empower a Diverse Generation

There is a plethora of opportunity for not only the minority, but for the younger generations, to prosper in the gain to win back the American economy. There is a general sense that generational differences within the workplace, including women and minorities sense of “feeling unwanted” (Rodriguez, 2014, p. 10). As America today is perplexed … Continued


As I ponder the new beginnings and journey that I have just begun these last few months, a burning question still arises in my mind, “where am I going and when does it end?”  I have only began and I am ready to see an end, as I may not know what all God has … Continued

A Missionary’s Honest Mesage

After having served in missions for almost 15 years, and spending a year in Brazil and then 7 years in Southern Africa, we have become cautious in sharing our stories.  We learned that when we did, we received one of two responses, from Christians and from non-Christians. The first response is that the conversation is changed … Continued

Knowledge is half the battle

I have often wondered what it would have been like had I chosen a different career path? The one that I chose was honorable, but it has been extremely difficult to maintain any sense of self when I was constantly bombarded with digs not only on my faith, but my choices about that faith as well. … Continued