Developing Diverse Global Talent

This article speaks about the reasons that we need to develop diverse leaders and team members.  In our last session I chose to write my final paper over the diversity in organizations and how it affects global economic development along with the ability of the corporations to build a competitive advantage in business.  This article … Continued

Evolution of Diversity and Inclusion

This article talks about diversity and inclusion and its role in the evolving business landscape. One of the main ideas from the article is the “three Cs,” compliance, character, and commerce (Parrey, 2015). This idea states that diversity started as something we had to do because the law said so then it turned into something we … Continued

Leading by Golden Rule

We all like to be treated with trust, dignity and respect by our bosses, and we like to think this is also the way we lead others. Most good people leaders, regardless of spiritual inclination (and whether they realize it or not) tend to employ the Golden Rule in their leadership style: “Treat people the … Continued

The Law of Sacrifice

Where have all the leaders gone? Top management in the majority of large corporations have not done a good job at representing the law of sacrifice for their employees. A simple Google search for “golden parachute” will result in hundreds of examples of CEO’s leaving companies in their time of need opting for golden parachutes. … Continued

Leadership with Humility

No one appreciates a boastful co-worker especially an organizational leader who publicly displays egotism. The best leaders focus on leading their organization to greatness while leaving their ego at the door. They are never boastful and publicly show appreciation of their employees efforts. What better way to lead then by complimenting your employees? Employees who are respected and recognized will … Continued