Socio-Technical Systems

       Socio-Technical Systems (STS) have been thought to be implemented in their true form by various corporations and colleges over the past years however, when taking a closer look at what STS truly are, one begins to wonder about how limiting STS implementations have actually been.  Walt Scacchi explains that Socio-technical systems “…includes … Continued

Shut Up and Listen

     As recently as yesterday, 5 August 2014, I had a chance to make an impact on my organization. As I listened intently, I absorbed the words, emotions, and quizzical looks of all the senior managers within my company. They pondered the question about why employees were so unhappy. I raised my hand, sheepishly … Continued

Age the Valued Asset!

  Is the business world really paying attention?  Their most valued asset is walking out the door.        Rather than referencing this asset as seniors in the workplace, I’d prefer to call them seasoned leaders.  Seasoned leaders in that they have spent years of learning and developing work skills that can only be realized through experience.  … Continued

Filtering Technology

In the last two decades there has been a substantial increase in the amount of information available to the general public. You don’t need a research article to tell you that you can find most anything you want on the internet. The challenge with this vastly open concept of information availability poses is overall information … Continued

A Leader Must Give Up to Go Up

“The heart of leadership is putting others ahead of yourself. It’s doing what is best for the team. For that reason, leaders have to give up their rights. The cost of leadership: Leaders must be willing to give up more than the people they lead. Leadership means sacrifice.”(Maxwell,2007) This is very true. A leader sets … Continued