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STS vs Social Media

A true Socio-Techical System (STS) is not FB or Twitter.  STS tools and techniques combine comparative and longitudinal evaluation with action learning and allows for feedback from all levels with regards to changes implemented within breathing, living organizations, institutions and communities through the use of Information Systems (IS).  The use of IS accelerates communication, learning … Continued

What is wrong with this picture?

Looking at the Centennial institute website today (8/6/2013) I see a promo for the Western Conservative Summit 2013. There is a YouTube video called “The Obama Supporter Beauty Pageant #WCS13” in this video Caleb Bonham is taking with Obama supporters and showing their stupid answers to questions. He is demonstrating that Obama supports are not … Continued

STS – What do you think?

The true challenge will be communicating with employees (think Millennial’s, GEN Y or younger) and employees communicating with each other while some have had handheld devices and technology readily available all their lives. This has also presented them with access to live information. After all, one could have watched the twin towers topple to Ground … Continued

Moral Decay Starts at the Top–Take Action

Yes, there is a leadership crisis caused by the absence of moral truth, which starts at the top in our country. Governmental leaders including the President, senators, representatives and local officials lack moral truth. The President is a driving force behind abortion rights, he supports homosexual marriage and his administration has increased the public debt … Continued

Have we learned to be Learning Organizations?

In 1990, Peter Senge wrote the first edition of The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization. Whether or not he was ‘inspired’ from above (I think he was), he took Deming’s idea that the “prevailing system of management” was broken and needed to be transformed. Like Deming, Senge believed in 1990 … Continued