If you feel your life’s calling is to lead others and to integrate your faith into your career path, Colorado Christian University often posts blogs related to how to be a Christian leader in the workplace. Faced with so many challenges and difficult decisions each and every day, Christian leaders are a unique breed and require a strong belief in their faith and confidence in their ability to lead others while serving as a role model for Christian beliefs and behavior. Below, you will find some recent blog posts regarding Christian Leadership in the workplace that we hope you will find helpful and inspiring. Business, counseling, criminal justice, education and nursing are some of CCU’s most popular degree programs.


Diversity is “the variety of observable and unobservable similarities and differences among people” (Phillips & Gully, 2012, p. 40).  Diversity can be related to race, gender, and age and an individual can have many characteristics to reflect that diversity.  This leadership article speaks of a Latin CEO who for many years did not  use his … Continued

Wasted Worship

While exploring the Centennial Institute website, I came across the Centennial Review archives. They are packed with fascinating articles regarding current events and issues from a Biblical worldview, including a piece titled, Do Americans Worship the State? by Benjamin Wiker. Wiker advocates disestablishing liberal secularism on the grounds that it is governmental imposition of a … Continued

A positive influence

One subject that I came across on the Centennial Institute homepage relates to Hollywood and the influence it holds over much of our society and culture.  On September 9th, Dr. James Leininger will be speaking on this topic.  I believe it can be a tough and slippery slope for many Christians to navigate.  We want … Continued

Is the United States in 2013 Really Ready for Servant Leadership?

As evidenced by the title of this post, I am more often than not a bit cynical when it comes to expecting my fellow man to care about and serve one another. It’s actually a Biblical viewpoint, an evidence of the fallen nature of man: None is righteous, no, not one (Romans 3:23, ESV). Of … Continued

What is wrong with this picture?

Looking at the Centennial institute website today (8/6/2013) I see a promo for the Western Conservative Summit 2013. There is a YouTube video called “The Obama Supporter Beauty Pageant #WCS13” in this video Caleb Bonham is taking with Obama supporters and showing their stupid answers to questions. He is demonstrating that Obama supports are not … Continued