Truth in Advertising

Is there a way to have truth in advertising when the purpose is to sell a product no matter what? Would it not be amazing if there was an ad in the advertising world that was 100% true and would hold up to all scrutiny? It has been my experience that in an advertisement if … Continued

On my way to the forum.. of business ethics.

Truth in advertising has been a problem for decades in American business. When viewing a local television station, I realized how often conniving advertisements attempt to pierce the soul and engage our emotions in order to make a sale. One particular commercial that caught my eye advertised several vehicles from a local new-car sales lot … Continued

Unethical Employment Advertising: A Concern for the Christian Business Executive

One of the challenges of living in an advanced, globalized, and industrialized society is the proliferation of advertising of many kinds. Advertising should be true in every sense of the word. At the very least, it should be free from falsehood about the nature of the product/service. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of advertising … Continued

Less is more

It seems more and more these days, leaders feel the need to increase the amount of participation in their involvement of others. From the corporate culture to politics, higher authorities are becoming increasingly more interested in their control over the choices and decisions of employees, citizens, and private parties. Is this ethical? How far should … Continued

Hope for the future.

I have been actively pursuing a career in accounting for more than twenty years, and have risen through the ranks to various leadership positions. Along the way, I have experienced a host of unethical business practices and immoral individuals.  I have been put into positions of moral and ethical dilemma, which have impacted my faith … Continued