The Value of Faith

Strong organizations need good vision and or mission statements. They also need capable, passionate employees who share their values. It is one thing to have an employee who possesses the right tools to do the job it’s yet another to have an employee that incarnates the values of the company. The value of the latter … Continued

Transformational Leadership

“External recruiters should keep a keener eye on minority talent” (Rodriguez, 2013, p. 10). As this article points out, executive search firms are not aware of top executives specifically in the Hispanic community and women. It is evident that a firm that is looking for a top executive may choose an external recruiter, however that external … Continued

Big Government Does Not Care

The article Reading the Changing the Government’s Use of Diversity is about the executive order that was put into place calling for all government agencies to have a diversity and inclusion plan in place within 120 days. The first thing that comes to mind is the multicultural approach that was mention in the Leading Organizations … Continued

Whistleblowers – Session 5

Tressie LeBlanc  Whistleblower  or  Teamplayer     Do you think it is a good idea to always tell the truth?  My grandmother use to say “Honesty is the best policy”.  I’ve always tried to live by that knowing that we are told to be truthful and I believe honesty and integrity walk hand in hand with … Continued

Being a Whistleblower or a Team Player?

When asked if it is a good idea to always tell the truth, I often err on the side that it is best to tell the truth.  Yes, that means in all cases.  I frequently am heard quoting Psalms 15: 1, 4 (NIV) in order to back up my philosophy on this.  Does it mean … Continued