Worldview refers to the framework of ideas and beliefs through which an individual interprets the world around them and interacts with others. According to James Sire (2010) in his popular text, the Universe Next Door, some examples of worldviews include; theism, deism, naturalism or, humanism, nihilism, existentialism and so on. Most people don’t stop to … Continued

College Decisions: Is Christian College Right For You

One of the biggest college decisions traditional and non-traditional students are now making is whether or not Christian college is right for them. While this is a very personal decision, you can do research on the subject to help make your college decision easier. Once you know the facts about a Christian college education vs. … Continued

How Do You Define a Spiritual Leader?

As with most any abstract concept, different people will have different definitions for “spiritual leadership.” What is Christian leadership? What makes a Christian leader? Pondering the idea of “Christian leaders” may be something you have spent some time on as you plan or complete a degree from Colorado Christian University. Regardless of your degree program, … Continued