If you feel your life’s calling is to lead others and to integrate your faith into your career path, Colorado Christian University often posts blogs related to how to be a Christian leader in the workplace. Faced with so many challenges and difficult decisions each and every day, Christian leaders are a unique breed and require a strong belief in their faith and confidence in their ability to lead others while serving as a role model for Christian beliefs and behavior. Below, you will find some recent blog posts regarding Christian Leadership in the workplace that we hope you will find helpful and inspiring. Business, counseling, criminal justice, education and nursing are some of CCU’s most popular degree programs.

The Value of Faith

Strong organizations need good vision and or mission statements. They also need capable, passionate employees who share their values. It is one thing to have an employee who possesses the right tools to do the job it’s yet another to have an employee that incarnates the values of the company. The value of the latter … Continued

Diversity Management, What Works, and What Doesn’t

Effective, transformational leaders must understand organizational diversity, and know which diversity improvement strategies work. Harvard Professor Frank Dobbin, and fellow researchers, surveyed 829 firms, with over 31 years of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) data, to determine the efficacy of various diversity enhancement strategies.  Survey criterion was simply the change in percentage of women and … Continued

I know all too well what it is like to be a working mother and the challenges that can bring, but working for the right type of manager and company can make the transition a million times easier. Too many times we are losing valuable employees because of the way we handle or react to … Continued

“Merging Social Responsibility and Diversity”

In this article, Jessica DuBois-Maahs (a professor at USC) speaks about the advantages of diversity within an organization.  She talks about three main areas in which diversity can help: it can drive productivity and business growth, it can cut costs by decreasing absenteeism, lower turnover, and improved productivity, and it can have a positive affect … Continued

Values Aligned Leadership

Being a Leader comes with being a good follower.  Leading is not just a title that is given to someone because they have been given a chance to shine as a Manager within a leadership role.  Some would say in a short version what the definition of leadership could mean to them.  This could look … Continued