If you feel your life’s calling is to lead others and to integrate your faith into your career path, Colorado Christian University often posts blogs related to how to be a Christian leader in the workplace. Faced with so many challenges and difficult decisions each and every day, Christian leaders are a unique breed and require a strong belief in their faith and confidence in their ability to lead others while serving as a role model for Christian beliefs and behavior. Below, you will find some recent blog posts regarding Christian Leadership in the workplace that we hope you will find helpful and inspiring. Business, counseling, criminal justice, education and nursing are some of CCU’s most popular degree programs.

Innovation and Leadership 2.0

From students in the classrooms to business professionals in the boardroom, everyone appears to be “staying in the know” using their PDAs and iPhones. Although social technology and collaborative software advancements continue to evolve, leadership practices, on the other hand, appear to be stuck in the epistemic mire of the transactional-transformational charismatic preaching caveat emptor … Continued

Benefits of Being a Christian College Graduate–Market Yourself As Such

Colorado Christian University provides students with an exemplary college education that will prepare you for the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral challenges you will face in the workforce. Regardless of your age, socioeconomic status, marital status or work experience, Christian college graduates are special in so many ways. Christian college graduates leave the Christian Community … Continued

Christian School in Name Only? Not CCU

Thousands of colleges and universities in the United States have the word “Christian” in their name, but how do you know if the “Christian” college or university you are exploring is really Christ based? How do you know if a Christian school is such in name only? Colorado Christian University is a true Christian institution … Continued

What Makes a Top Conservative College?

Each year, Young America’s Foundation releases its list of “Top Conservative Colleges” in the United States, and this year, Colorado Christian University made the list. In fact, CCU was this year’s featured edition (reported by FOX news) and was noted for its stance on ObamaCare, its facilities, and the CCU Centennial Institute, which offers events … Continued

Preparing Leaders: A Cornerstone of CCU Curriculum

Part of Colorado Christian University’s mission is to prepare graduates to think critically and creatively and to lead others by setting high ethical and professional standards. Preparing tomorrow’s leaders is a huge responsibility that faculty, staff and students share and must work together in order to achieve. Educating leaders to manage and inspire others while … Continued