Meaning is the New Money

In her article for Diversity Executive, Tamara Erickson (2012) provides what could be a revolutionary process for capitalizing on diversity: embrace the differences of employees and bring individuals together as one working unit. Erickson (2012) reminds us that the old method of monetary bonuses for extra work toward the company’s goals is dying out. She notes … Continued

Forget the Glass Ceiling – Worry about the Glass Cliff!

Ten years ago, a New York Times article implicated that poor company performance was caused by the female top executives in those firms. But two years later, researchers in the U.K. were able to provide evidence of what many suspected; failing companies were hiring women as leaders to try and improve the situation.  This became … Continued

What is wrong with this picture?

Looking at the Centennial institute website today (8/6/2013) I see a promo for the Western Conservative Summit 2013. There is a YouTube video called “The Obama Supporter Beauty Pageant #WCS13” in this video Caleb Bonham is taking with Obama supporters and showing their stupid answers to questions. He is demonstrating that Obama supports are not … Continued

Efficiency of Internet Security Filters

The efficiency of internet filters depends on what you are trying to do on the internet. The fact is that everybody is trying to win. While the Companies providing security are constantly updating their software, the enemies are busy updating theirs also. Filtering software that works this week might not work for updated enemy software … Continued

The Myths of The Glass Ceiling

Despite the long standing nature of women in the work place they continue to struggle against a “glass ceiling.”  Men of equal schooling and achievement are generally paid more for the same work and are promoted at a higher rate.  The article “Debunking the Myths on Why Women Struggle to Get Ahead” writes about “a … Continued