• School of Business and Leadership

    College of Undergraduate Studies


    The faculty at CCU’s School of Business and Leadership are more than highly educated – they are experienced. Their practice includes teaching, consulting, and leading business on six of the seven continents. This means that they bring that knowledge and wisdom into the classroom. These professors actually do what they teach and we've found that their experience is a huge advantage.

    Personal Attention

    Your future is important. You need personal attention from professors who care. As a student in the School of Business and Leadership, you'll be matched with a faculty mentor for your entire experience. To us, you are not just a name and certainly not a number. You are our personal mission.

    Skill and Training

    Accounting, Applied Technology, Business, Economics, Finance, Law, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Problem Solving & Decision-Making, and Strategy. It’s the stuff of tomorrow’s business environment. It’s available today at CCU.


    There is more to success than making money. It’s all about making a difference. To make a difference, you need the right perspective. All courses integrate faith in Jesus Christ within the dimensions of that course’s mandate – including the dimension of teaching the discipline of business.


    We know that the world is challenging place, but during your time at CCU, we want to prepare you to meet challenges of all kinds. We demand a lot from you and from ourselves. Our goal is act as your personal trainer in your preparation to become a Christian leader within your selected career and community.