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    New Chapel

    Laying A Foundation of Faith

    As part of CCU's Campus Redevelopment, the University will build a chapel specifically designed as a place for chapel services, prayer, worship and concerts. The chapel will be situated on the northwest side of the pond so that when visitors enter campus off Alameda, they will look across the pond and up at a striking chapel building. It will help CCU showcase what is important to us. The new chapel will continue to dramatically alter CCU’s campus while enriching the student experience – and help CCU continue to attract top scholars.

    As the flagship Christian university in the Rocky Mountain region, we champion Jesus and the Bible. Faith is integral to our success as a university, and we make it our mission to cultivate knowledge and love of God in our Christ-centered community and around the world. Thousands of CCU students pass through our halls, and each one learns to think creatively and critically within the framework of the Bible.

    For nearly half a century, the University has had no formal chapel building for students to gather and worship. Currently, the CCU community gathers in the gymnasium for one of the foundational aspects that comprises the essence of CCU – corporate worship. We are grateful for the gym and its service to thousands of students as they grow in their faith. But it involves a lot of complications: The sound quality isn’t ideal; bleachers are uncomfortable; technical elements make it time consuming to prepare the gym for so many people. Transforming a gym into a place of worship at least twice a week is no easy feat. Our students need a full-time spiritual home. A sacred place where our community can pray, serve, and worship. And the surrounding Denver community can experience performances and other impactful events open to the public – chances to see the face of God.

    The new chapel building will not only serve as the main place of communal worship for our students, it will also provide office space for our Campus Ministries staff and our Dean of Spiritual Formation. Additionally, our School of Music will now be able to perform on campus, rather than presenting concerts and plays off site. Holding roughly 500 seats, the Chapel will cost approximately $14 million and expand our campus by an estimated 17,000 square feet. We envision a building that embodies the spiritual heart of campus. Students will continue learning how to live holy lives, honor God, and share His gospel with the world.

  • We envision a building that embodies the spiritual heart of campus.
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