• The Need: CCU's Lakewood Campus

    Future Needs in our Campus Redevelopment Project

    CCU moved to its current location on Alameda Avenue in Lakewood, Colorado in 1967. Our location has allowed our students to enjoy easy access to the mountains as well as serve and bring a steady presence to nearby downtown Denver. We’re surrounded by a flourishing city and are proud to call Lakewood home.

    While we love our current location, it comes with a unique set of challenges.

    We are outgrowing our facilities at a rapid rate. Our Lakewood campus was originally designed for 600 students, far less than the 1,300+ we serve today. And, over one-third of our faculty and staff have to work off campus since there isn’t enough space on campus.

    We’ve chosen to stay at our current location — enjoying the benefits of Lakewood while creating a university that will last another hundred years, and beyond. We believe our city needs us here, our state needs us here, and our world needs people prepared to make a difference for Christ.

    Up Next in our Campus Redevelopment

    Number 1 After seven consecutive years of record-breaking enrollment in our College of Undergraduate Studies, our most immediate need is a second new residential building to house students on campus. The Lakewood campus, which was originally designed to accommodate 600 students, is now home to more than 1,300 traditional undergraduates.

    Number 2 To celebrate God’s faithfulness and honor the life and legacy of our late president Bill Armstrong, CCU is planning the construction of the Armstrong Center. Bill Armstrong led the University for nearly 10 years, overseeing a period of exceptional enrollment growth and transformation. During that period, CCU ascended in the national ranks, with core curriculum being ranked in the top two percent of all colleges and universities — nationwide.

    Number 3 Due to our unprecedented growth and future academic needs, we are planning the construction of a second academic building. In CCU’s Natural Sciences and Mathematics department alone, enrollment has tripled over the last five years, and the stage is set for continued growth with the launch of our new Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering this fall.

    Please join with us in prayer, asking that God would protect the workers who will build the new buildings; that the projects will be completed on schedule and within budget; and that for decades these wonderful buildings will honor Jesus and bless our students.

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  • We want students to continue to flock here, to have their lives transformed here. We want students who will be impacted by their faculty and peers and go on to influence others.
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