• The Need: CCU's Lakewood Campus

    Our Lakewood campus location provides convenient access to both city and mountains – and job opportunities for our students.

    Redeveloping CCU's Main Campus

    CCU moved to its current environs in 1967, locating on Alameda Avenue in Lakewood, Colorado. Our location has proven sublime – students enjoy easy access to the mountains and bring a ready presence to downtown Denver, just minutes away. We’re surrounded by a flourishing city and are proud to call Lakewood home.

    Yet while we love our current location, it brings a unique set of challenges.

    When we originally moved, the existing property had four structures which are still in use today: the Welcome Center, Student Life building, Campus Ministries building, and the center of Beckman (minus the wings, which have been added on). These were originally houses.

    Working with modified houses has been a challenge. The infrastructure of a house built in the first part of the 20th century does not fit the needs of a 21st century university well. Add to this the fact that various buildings around campus – including the School of Education, the School of Business, the Life Directions Center, and the cafeteria – are modular spaces, designed to only be in use temporarily, and you see the need to create first-class classrooms, offices, and meeting places for our students, faculty, and staff.

    It’s apparent, as we celebrate our centennial in 2014, that we won’t celebrate a bicentennial unless our campus is redeveloped.

    As the only interdenominational Christian college in the Front Range region, the Rocky Mountains – one of the fastest growing areas in the United States – will be left without a Christian university if we do not redevelop.

    We’ve chosen to do it in our current location – enjoying the benefits of Lakewood while creating a university that will last another hundred years, and beyond. We believe our city needs us here, our state needs us here, and our world needs people prepared to make a difference for Christ.

    The Moment of Need

    The time has come to focus on the next 100 years of CCU’s story – to build into the long legacy of the school and be a part of thousands of students’ lives.

    We need a change when students have met for years in modular buildings designed to be gone long ago.

    We need a change to accommodate a burgeoning pre-med major.

    We need a change when our chapel doubles as our gymnasium.

    We need a change when our office spaces are spread around the city of Lakewood.

    We need a change when student dorms hinder recruitment efforts.

    We need a change because one of our strategic objectives is to become a great university, and great universities have buildings that attract top students and faculty, spaces that foster engagement, equipment that supports learning, offices that engender innovation and camaraderie, halls that build unity, and dorms that offer the comfort necessary for study – and fun.

    We need a change because we want the next chapter of CCU’s story to prepare us for the next 100 years.

  • The time has come to focus on the next 100 years of CCU’s story – to build into the long legacy of the University and be a part of thousands of students’ lives.
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