• Colorado Christian University's new academic building has been completed and construction of a new residential building is underway. Watch a video "flyover" of the conceptual design for the new campus.

    Lakewood Campus Redevelopment

    Campaign Giving Overview

    Colorado Christian University's Campus Redevelopment project will completely transform our existing main campus – and visibly communicate our commitment to academic excellence, ongoing growth, and world-class opportunities for our students.

    Our existing Lakewood campus consists of twenty buildings, totaling 239,000 square feet. All of these existing buildings will be torn down as part of the redevelopment project, with the exception of four newer apartment style dorms (built in 2001-02 comprising 71,500 square feet). CCU has added 4.4 acres of land contiguous to the main campus, in addition to 15.7 acres west of campus at Kipling and Alameda.

    After the completion of the entire redevelopment project, we will have 11 new buildings, and together with the existing apartments to remain, our campus will total approximately 700,000 square feet.

    The 7-9 year campus redevelopment project is estimated to cost in excess of $120 million, with $55 million anticipated from charitable gifts.

    CCU's redesigned Lakewood campus will be built with students in mind.

    A university is either limited or liberated by its spaces; spontaneous interaction, natural relationships, and impromptu collaboration must have the space to occur, and CCU’s new spaces will encourage students to bump into each other, learn from mentors, and experience the full range of college life – whether in September or January.

    By taking advantage of the natural division between residential and academic cores, the campus will be redeveloped to enhance the college experience of every student

    In our residential core, students will be experience relationships, life-on-life learning, and community involvement. The residential core and student life core will offer additional spaces for students to gather, including a larger cafeteria, outdoor amphitheater, and unique chapel. These common spaces, integral to a college experience, are currently lacking on our existing campus. Such spaces foster interaction and involvement; they are places to study and meet and play.

    The redesigned apartment-style residence halls will help us continue to attract top students, provide space for CCU’s growing undergraduate population, and better meet the need for space to study, play, and form deep, lasting relationships with roommates.

    In our academic core, new spaces will allow for greater collaboration between colleagues, help attract top faculty and top students, and offer additional learning experiences to students. From greater lab space to smart classrooms, students will be able to more fully immerse themselves in their subjects, while mastering the technology necessary for the 21st century scholar.

    Research has shown that truly great ideas come from hubs of interaction.

    CCU’s Lakewood campus will, increasingly, become one of these hubs as spaces cultivate greater interaction – and the overall ability of students continues to rise. These are men and women who desire to touch the world with their knowledge, through the power of Jesus.

  • This project will give Colorado Christian University what we need to continue far into our next 100 years: a state-of-the-art campus, with room to grow, that attracts serious scholars and world changers.  
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