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  • Construction Update

    Prior to the start of CCU's Lakewood campus redevelopment project, our campus consisted of twenty buildings, totaling 239,000 square feet. As part of the redevelopment, all of these buildings will be torn down, with the exception of four newer apartment style dorms, built in 2001-02, comprising 71,500 square feet. The University also added 4.4 acres of land contiguous to the main campus, in addition to 15.7 acres west of campus at the intersection of Kipling and Alameda.

    The complete Lakewood campus redevelopment is expected to take 7-9 years. The resulting campus will have 11 new buildings, and together with the existing apartments to remain, will include approximately 700,000 square feet.

    Anticipated Construction Timeline*


      Rezoning Approved

      CCU's request for rezoning the Lakewood campus is approved by the Lakewood City Council. Read more >

    • Building Permit Review

      The building permit for the campus redevelopment is reviewed and approved.

    • Begin Construction of Leprino Hall

      Start construction on the new perimeter road, upgraded entrance, parking lots, etc.

    • Schools Move

      Move faculty and staff from the School of Business and Leadership, School of Education and other University offices into temporary buildings.

    • Beginning of Demolition

      Demolish the School of Education and Life Directions Center buildings. Begin construction of the Leprino Hall.

    • Completion of Infrastructure Construction

    • Move into Leprino Hall

    • Begin Construction of Yetter Hall

      Construction began on Phase Two of the Campus Redevelopment, including Yetter Hall, a new residence hall with 53 apartment-style units.

    • CCU's 100th Anniversary

    • Construction of Yetter Hall Complete

    • Began Construction of Anschutz Student Center

    • Anschutz Student Center To Open


    *The milestones listed represent the anticipated time frames and are subject to modification during construction.

  • Contact Info

    Office of Development

    Phone: 303-963-3330

    or 800-44-FAITH

    Fax: 303-963-3331

    Email: ccudevelopment@ccu.edu