• Student-Led Ministries

    Student-Led Ministries

    CCU students are meeting the needs of those throughout Denver

    CCU students strive to be better leaders. They live up to a higher standard. They get outside their comfort zones and push their limits. They don’t just talk about service and ministry...they actually do it. None of our ministries are staff or faculty-led; students initiate and coordinate every single ministry opportunity that originates on campus. Here are some ways CCU students are making a difference in the local community.


    Connections exists to minister to others through therapeutic horseback riding. The group goes to a therapeutic horse riding center every Saturday morning and helps in whatever capacity is needed, whether mucking stalls, leading horses, or talking with the kids. CCU students work with a number of handicapped children with disabilities ranging from autism to Down's Syndrome.


    Sojourners is a CCU ministry that reaches out to the poor and homeless in the inner city Denver area. Students walk the streets of Denver to seek out those in need, and initiate conversation and fellowship with those they meet. In an effort to meet physical needs as well as spiritual, they provide food, water, and clothing to the individuals they meet. Sojourners’ intention is to share the love of Jesus Christ with all they meet by living out lives of service and selflessness, sharing in community with those in need.

    Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ

    Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ (SFC) Denver exists to create a bridge between the Denver snow riding community and Christ by partnering with local churches. Students in SFC host events such as snow riding contests which draw in the Colorado community to our campus.


    The Snappers (short for Whippersnappers) ministry exists to love the elderly who live in local nursing homes. Snappers originated out of a desire to love the lonely, the widowed, and the hurting through giving of themselves in such a way that nursing home residents see Jesus. Members meet once a week to witness to the residents at a local nursing home through singing, games, one-on-one conversation, and fellowship.


    Westside Ministry is an inner-city children's ministry which facilitates both Whiz Kids and Street Church. For the past seventeen years, WSM has facilitated Bible clubs, tutoring, mentoring, music camp, and summer opportunities for at-risk children. Students within Westside Ministry build relationships and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ.


    Freedom Ministry partners with Denver Area Youth for Christ in reaching at-risk youth, in and out of detention centers. Freedom works with the local church and like-minded partners in developing lifelong followers of Jesus Christ by building relationships with youth in one-on-one and group settings.

    Refugee Ministry

    Students who volunteer for the Refugee Ministry work to build relationships with a foreign family, assisting them in adjusting to their new life in the United States. Students show God's love practically by teaching the English language and American customs in order to ease the families' transitions.

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