• M.A. in Counseling – Alumni Academic Program Support Survey 2011-2012

    Data from alumni indicate a high level of satisfaction with the Master of Arts in Counseling program at Colorado Christian University. Alumni note the accessibility of faculty and instructional abilities as a key strength of the Master of Arts in Counseling program. Students also feel very well prepared in the content areas of Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice, Helping Relationships, and Group Work.

    General Quality of the Program*

    Very Satisfied/Satisfied
    Overall Curriculum 86%
    Abilities of Faculty
    Competence of Faculty
    Accessibility of Faculty 95%
    Academic Advising 68%
    Program Facilities and Resources 84%
    Faculty as Mentors 87%
    Student Evaluation Procedures 78%
    Duration of Program 95%
    Use of Technology in Instruction 73%

    Knowledge/Skill Areas in the Program*

    Very Satisfied/Satisfied
    Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice 97%
    Human Growth and Development 86%
    Career Development 78%
    Helping Relationships 95%
    Assessment 74%
    Group Work 95%
    Research and Program Evaluation 72%

    Percentage of Graduates Employed in the Mental Health Field*

    Percentage of Graduates Surveyed 100%
    Total Number of Survey Responses 75%
    Percentage of Respondents Employed in Mental Health 69%

    *Survey Respondents = 14