• M.A. in Counseling – Site Supervisor Program Evaluation 2012-2013

    Site supervisors rate students in CCU's Master of Arts in Counseling program high in most areas including: clinical preparation, diagnostic and assessment competency, case conceptualization, goal setting and treatment planning, self-awareness, respect for the whole person, ability to work with diverse people, integrity of character and ethics, and knowledge base.

    Site supervisors would like to see students increase their ability in utilizing diverse theoretical orientations, and group theory and dynamics, as well as gaining a greater understanding and application of human development.

    Questions 2012-2013 (n=8)
    Percentage of Very Satisfied/Satisfied
    Appropriate Clinical Preparation 100%
    Diagnostic, Assessment Competency 86%
    Case Conceptualization 86%
    Goal Setting, Treatment Planning 86%
    Accurate Self Awareness 86%
    Respect for Whole Person 100%
    Ability to Work with Diverse People 100%
    Integrity of Character/Ethics 100%
    Appropriate Knowledge Base 88%
    Theory/Theoretical Orientation 100%
    Group Theory/Dynamics 88%
    Human Development 100%
    Agency Roles and Functions 100%