• MBA in Corporate Training

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    CCU’s mission is to transform lives through Christ-centered, higher education. But transformative education doesn’t happen in churches and universities alone. The potential to create positive change in people’s lives exists everywhere in daily life – and especially in the work world. Every day, leaders can transform lives through the many opportunities they encounter to teach, train and mentor.

    According to Chief Learning Officer magazine, “managers are demanding that learning be as relevant to the job as possible. This means an increased demand for highly relevant experience, immediate transfer of content to on-the-job proficiency, and the ability to provide a holistic learning experience that models job requirements…” The MBA in Corporate Training was designed to meet this business demand.

    For those looking for Human Resources MBA opportunities, CCU's emphasis in Corporate Training combines an MBA education with best practices from the fields of adult education, effective group dynamics, and human resource management.

    CCU's MBA in Corporate Training will help you master adult training for virtually any type of organization. You will develop competencies for addressing a common challenge in competitive organizations – i.e., how to quickly acquire and share knowledge within the extended enterprise. This program will prepare you to positively influence people’s lives through an emphasis on professional development in the workplace, whether you’re:

    • Developing and facilitating formal training programs,
    • Handling employee development training,
    • Instructing peers in management disciplines,
    • Coaching colleagues through skills growth,
    • Mentoring subordinates,
    • Consulting on learning management technologies,
    • Designing or adopting learning and training methodologies, such as Confidence-Based Learning, or
    • Responsible for the execution of an organization’s learning strategy.

    One trait characteristic of a successful executive is having a teachable point of view. This is how leaders grow other leaders. Through every teaching moment, you have an opportunity to impart much more than knowledge. The MBA in Corporate Training will prepare you to become a leader who knows how to transform a company into a learning organization, thereby giving it a strategic advantage.

    Who Can Benefit from a Corporate Training MBA?

    The MBA with an emphasis in corporate training will benefit students with diverse backgrounds in areas such as education, public administration, etc., whose goal is to transition into corporate training. If you are drawn to the business side of the MBA (either an online MBA program or traditional classroom setting), you’ll strengthen your knowledge of business – from accounting, to legal, to marketing – which will give you the foundation to create strategic and engaging curriculum for just about any type of business situation.

    The Corporate Training emphasis will give these students, as well as those who already have a basic business background, such as in operations or human resources, new skills in training, curriculum building, and adult learning approaches.

    Whether you aspire to move into a leadership role in corporate training, such as a Chief Learning Officer or a similar management position, or perhaps educating adults in other settings, this degree, grounded in Christian principles, will open doors to a variety of opportunities for career fulfillment.

    Courses with a Corporate Training Focus

    Through a curriculum that integrates a Christian worldview, CCU’s Corporate Training MBA inspires intellectual, spiritual and professional growth., CCU’s corporate training MBA inspires intellectual, spiritual and professional growth.

    The dedicated corporate training courses include:

    • Mastering the Teaching of Adults (EDU 536). In this course, you explore how adults are unique learners who require non-traditional methods of teaching.
    • Training for Impact (EDU 538). This course gives you strategies, methodologies and skills on how to integrate training with business needs, obtain management support, and accurately measure the results of your education efforts.
    • Group Dynamics (PSY 535). This course helps you build self awareness and strengthen your skills in group effectiveness, particularly in the areas of communication, participation, process and leadership.
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